Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Level 4

Level 4. Still playing weak. Chip off down to 22k when I finally catch Q's v short stacked J's. And they hold. Up to 33k. First time today in the black. Hip hip hooray!

Feels very nice to finally be able to breathe. Ahhhh. Finally.

And then just like that ...................

The noose tightens again. I turn a very disguised straight, and I might really make a move.

But in the longest of odds the chip leader chases me down and hits runner runner diamond for nut flush. Takes 12k from me. Terrible beat.

Finish level w 22k.

Do Not Limp

Level 3 starts off with more bad news when my pocket 9's lose to a k/5 off from the BB. I limped from under the gun, trying to make a big hand. Kids trying this at home. Take it from Uncle Reago - do not limp. Almost never works.

Finally get pocket Aces. Call a raise. Flop, 983 rainbow and he check. I check. Turn a 6. He checks. I bet. He folds. That coulda turned things around. Instead. Stuck at 15k

Pocket 7's. Flop, no love. Give 1k back. Can't hit a thing.

Pick up pocket kings. Guy bets 800, another guy. Calls. I raise to 2800. Both fold. Sad sad. Was hoping someone wanted to gamble with AK. Or gets frisky with a lower pair. Alas. Not to be......

I pick up pocket queens and smooth call 800. 3 guys limp. Pot has 3200. Flop comes q/7/3 two diamonds. I check. Button makes it 2200. I call everybody folds. Turn a jack making 2 diamonds and 2 clubs. I check. He bets 4500. I move in. For the 4500 and my last 9500...........................

He folds

Back to 25k.

Give back 2k on a weak weak steal attempt. Even I didn't believe myself. Idiot.

And then I pick up Aces. One guy limps. I raise. Everyone folds. I've had cards so far this level but didn't really get paid. Don't know tho if I would do anything differently.

The game goes on........still waiting on one big hand.

Finish this level with 26k. Meanwhile, my dad, GG, has chipped his way up to 43k!

End of level 3.

We are at dinner brk (90 mins) and we will play 1.5 more levels after that, and then stop for the night. Assuming I'm still in.....

End of level 2

First hand back, I wake up w pocket kings under the gun. Blinds 100/200. I make it 600. This is the kind of hand it takes to win a tourney.

Button reraises me to 1900. I just call. Just in case. Want to make sure no Ace flops.

Flop 10/8/5 two diamonds. I check. He bets 2k. I just smooth call. Turn is a rag. I check, he fires again. Perfect. This time 4k. I call.

This man is too calm. Bad feeling.

River pairs the 5. No flush, no straights. Just me, him, and a huge pot. He either has AK, AQ, any other pair, a busted draw, or (hopefully not) aces or trips. I check again. He bets 6k. He is too damn calm. I KNOW he has Aces. But I must call. These hands are what make or break a player.

He shows pocket Aces. Disaster strikes early. Hope he takes care of those chips. I'm going to want them back.

Down to 14k

I limp into a 6 way pot w 4/5 diamonds. Long story short, flop ak2. Turn is a miracle 3. Makes a beautiful wheel. How can I get paid. I bet, get raised. Another guy moves in! I call.


I've got the screaming nuts. And can triple up!

River rag. Yesss

OTHER TWO GUYS BOTH HAVE 4/5 ALSO and we split 3 ways.

Total buzzkill

Finally hit a card and win 3500 with a straight against a short stack. Fell fine. Feel like I'm seeing the table clearly............

Need to stay patient yet unafraid.

Steal a hand. Back up to 20k.

Limp with 7/8 clubs. Get raised. Call. Flop is a whiff. Leaking slowly.

At 18k.

Cannot catch a big pair or hit flop. Then kq suited on button. I raise 550. BB reraises to 1750. I call. Need a flop. Comes 882. With one diamond. He checks. Me too. Need a diamond or a k/q. Turn another 2, and a diamond. He bets 2400. I call.

River is a blank. We both check. He shows pocket jacks! Man, this is getting old.

Next hand A/2 of diamonds. I raise. 3 callers. 2500 in pot. Flop, k/j/3. All black. I bets 1750. And somehow they all fold. 16k.

End of level 2


I folded. Start level 2 w 24k

What would you do?

Pocket 7's. I raise. 3 callers. Flop jj9. Check check, I bet 900. Fold fold. Reraise to 2600. Damn. I let it go. Down to 28.

No other action rest of this level. Hopefully, at a minimum, I'm building a reputation as a tight player who plays few hands. But I've also been reraised out of a pot I led at twice (at least) which could make these guys push me around. Willl need cards at some point to make a stand. A lot of time before then.

Still at 28

Last hand before the break. Chip leader raises 300 and 5 guys limp. I have kj spades. I call. Flop comes k85 two hearts. Raiser leads for 1100. I call. Turn a 10. He bets 2200. I call. River an 8 of hearts. He bets 7k.

What wld u do??

First Impressions

1st glance, not a terrible table. Nobody I recognize. I play lightly ........and then I dip a toe. 8th hand w k/j.

4 callers. Flop k/j/4. I bet 900. Guy reraises.

I fold. Ugh. Been aying for 21 minutes and I'm down to 28.8k.


Two hands ltr I call from bb w A/5. Flop 2 pair. Kid in all Adidas wear (including adidas headphone) leads out and fires twice. I smooth call both times even after I make boat on turn. He's firing dead. Completely dead. How mong do I wait to let him know. Hopefully he has something and isn't just bluffing.

River comes......10 diamonds. Maybe he made a flush? I lead. He folds. Damn. Maybe shd have waited to see if he had a 3d bullet.
Up to 31.

Niiiice. QQ in mid position. Raise. 4 callers. Flop k, rag rag. I check. Guy fires. So long lovely ladies......

Limp along. Pick up AQ in bb. Guy leads. Another guy reraises to 1100. Damn. Won't even get to see the flop. So long AQ.

Pocket 3's. 4 limpers. I'm in for 300. Last guy adds 1k. Eveybody calls. Hate to, but getting odds. Flop all high cards. Down below 30 again.

Table tougher than it appeared. Aggression everywhere. People playing big pots. One guy already below 10k. No easy money here. Need to quit typing and start watching


Great Expectations

In Poker, and in Life, nothing is more relevant to how a person feels, to their mood, than what they feel they expect.

What they feel "entitled to".

And here, before the first card hits the felt, inside the Amazon Room, you can sense what a person feels entitled to by their demeanor, the looks on their faces.

The pros walking around as if they don't care at all, they are above it, the field so big the results don't really matter. They won't be disappointed. They have already made their bones. And they are acting as if this is just another tourney. Trying for all their might, to lower the burden of expectation. But, no one is fooled. Even I can read that tell.

And then there are the true dreamers who somehow won a 24$ tourney online, or a year long points system in their hometown rotating garages. And they show up, huge smiles, matching t-shirts "Team Patty", more excited than ever. BEING HERE AT ALL surpasses their wildest "expectation" of what they are entitled to. And their joy is palpable. I know, because I once wore that same smile and same t-shirt.

Unfortunately, that day is long gone for me.

I live in the middle.

I can't act as if it doesn't matter, but I also am not happy just being here. I carry the expectation and burden of success. I've done it. Two deep runs. I know it can be done. Anything less, just being here, brings the drag of another year of failed hopes.

Here we go.......